The New (Age) King James Version: The Mobius

Ellen G. White the most prolific female author of the 19th century, penned the book, The Great Controversy. Next, to the Bible, it is the most important book you will ever read. She had this to say about modern spiritualism:

“It is true that Spiritualism is now changing its form, and, veiling some of its more objectionable features, is assuming a Christian guise. But its utterances from the platform and the press have been before the public for nearly forty years, and in these its real character stands revealed. These teachings cannot be denied or hidden.

Even in its present form, so far from being more worthy of toleration than formerly, it is really a more dangerous, because a more subtle deception. While it formerly denounced Christ and the Bible, it now professes to accept both. But the Bible is interpreted in a manner that is pleasing to the unrenewed heart, while its solemn and vital truths are made of no effect.” {Great Controversy 1888 p.558}

The New King James Versions provides a vehicle for legitimacy of the present form of spiritualism mentioned by Ellen White in the above quote.

The NKJV omits the words “Lord” 66 times, “God” 51 times, “heaven” 50 times, “repent” 44 times, “blood” 23 times, and “hell” 22 times. “JEHOVAH” is entirely omitted, “new testament” entirely, “damnation” entirely, and “devils” is omitted entirely. It ignores the KJV Greek Textus Receptus over 1,200 times.

If the KJV contained these words doesn’t it makes sense, if those words are omitted, that we could be looking at a counterfeit bible? Mat_4:4 says: “But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” The question for the NKJV authors is how are we to live by all the words of God when so many of them have been omitted?

The Aquarian Conspiracy, written by the late occultist Marilyn Ferguson, features on its cover a symbol known in the occult world as a Mobius. It was also known as a Triquetra in the ancient mythological religions. The symbol looks a lot like the one on the cover of the NKJV.

Constance Cumbey, is a Christian author. She wrote the book, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, a must read if you want to understand the New Age assault on society. She is a notable authority on the New Age Movement. She said this: “On the cover of the Aquarian Conspiracy is a Mobius, it is really used by them as triple six (666). The emblem on the cover of the New King James Bible is said to be an ancient symbol of the Trinity. The old symbol had Gnostic origins. It was more Gnostic than Christian. I was rather alarmed when I noticed the emblem…”

This symbol was removed from the cover for a time when it caused some to look on the NKJV unfavorably. It has since resurfaced on the newer printings. I believe, it must not have generated enough opposition to affect sales. It is said, occultist mark what belongs to them by hiding their symbols in plain sight.

The triquetra symbol predates Christianity. It began as the Celtic’s symbol of a triune moon goddess. She was associated with the lunar phases; when the moon was waxing, waning, and full. The triquetra was also a symbol of the god Odin. Also, considered to represent the triplicates of mind, body, and soul, as well as the three domains of the world — earth, sea, and sky according to Celtic legend. In Wiccan and Neopagan belief, the triquetra symbolizes the triple aspect-ed goddess (maid, mother, and crone). Some Christians have protested these associations of the symbol, however, even the Christian fish symbol was derived from an early symbol of venus, represented by the female generative organs.

Lamar Mauldin

Lamar Mauldin

Lamar Mauldin is a retired educator and currently a bible worker and health evangelist in Oklahoma. He is an aspiring author working on a book entitled "A Famine for the Word of God."

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