A Revelation For Me Children’s Bible Lessons

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A fresh Bible study series featuring the book of Revelation.  Suitable for kids ages 8 and up.  Each set comes complete with 15 Christ-centered lessons detailing His love for mankind through His warnings and merciful escape plan from the corruption of this world.

Subjects Covered

  1. The Last Love Letter
  2. The Revealing
  3. The Everlasting Gospel
  4. Uncertain Future
  5. The Devil on Death Row
  6. Jesus and the Keys of Death
  7. The Song of Moses and the Lamb
  8. The 7th Sign
  9. The Dragon’s Tail
  10. The Overcomers
  11. The True Church
  12. God’s Day of Judgment
  13. The Seven Last Plagues
  14. The Mark of the Beast
  15. The Scarlet Harlot

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Dear Children, Youth, Parents, and Teachers,

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could come to see Jesus and His love for us in every truth of the Bible, even those found in the “scary” book of Revelation? We can, if we look closely. Who said the book of Revelation was only for grownups to understand?  God has a message in it for every person on earth, including children and young people.  They too, must be prepared to face the time of the end, without fear.

I’m so excited to introduce A Revelation for Me Bible Lessons. I wrote this series especially for children and youth who want to find out for themselves, why Revelation, and the whole Bible, are so important. These lessons can be used for personal study, group sessions, church Bible class, VBS, etc. As each subject is studied, students will see Jesus in a most beautiful light and they will be drawn to make their own intelligent choice for Him. His truth will make them free to be faithful until the end.

Before we get started, let me introduce myself. My name is Sharon Pergerson. My husband, Pastor Pergerson is resting in the grave. He was an evangelist who loved Jesus with all his heart. These lessons are inspired by His messages. I will be forever grateful to him for sharing with me how much Jesus loves me and the whole world.  Now, I am a close friend of Jesus, and the mother of two great young people, William
and Jaissa. I am also a teacher and a writer. God has given me a burden and a gift to share the truth of what Jesus is really like with children all over the world. All of God’s children should know without any uncertainty, that Jesus loves us and He has done everything possible to make sure we are ready to joyfully meet Him when He comes back.

Please study well, and enjoy the journey.

Sharon Pergerson

P.S.  All lessons are Written in the King James Version

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