Pope’s Environment Encyclical: Disguised Poison

Pope Francis’ long awaited and much anticipated encyclical on the environment was released June 18, 2015; and as expected, the Sunday movement is mentioned as a solution to earth’s environmental issues. Entitled “Laudato Si” or “Praised Be,” taken from St. Francis of Assisi’s hymn of praise bearing the same title, is an appeal for international as well as personal action and responsibility in caring for the environment and combating the evils that result from the abuse and indifference towards all elements of nature. This ecological encyclical provides “moral” and practical recommendations and proposed solutions to help the ever-changing and depleting environment. “He [Pope Francs] points to numerous ways world organizations, nations and communities must move forward and the way individuals — believers and people of good will — should see, think, feel and act.”1

Embedded with his other suggestions to protect and sustain the earth, Pope Francis urges, “Go to Sunday Mass; receive the sacraments; encounter God in everything; rest on Sundays.”2 Though his plea for humanity to rest on Sunday and go to Sunday mass is mentioned among other suggestions, the Sunday agenda is the very purpose for which the entire encyclical was written. However, the encyclical is crafted in such a way as to not raise suspicion or inquiry as to the Pope’s intent of mandating Sunday observance upon earth’s inhabitants. The role of spiritualism is also evident in the statement made by the Pope wherein he encourages people to “encounter God in everything,” which is the very essence of pantheism. From the very inception of popery, spiritualism (paganism) has had an integral role in the exaltation of Sunday and the corresponding exaltation of the papacy.

Anyone with even a remote knowledge of the Papacy from its origin until the present, understands that Sunday worship and the alleged transfer of the sanctity of the Sabbath from the seventh to the first day of the week is the chief contribution of the Papacy, a mark of her authority—a fact that the Catholic Church proudly admits (see page 50 of the Convert’s Catechism of Catholic Doctrine). Adding to the papacy’s boast to supreme authority and her self-proclaimed role as “Vicar of Christ” is the fact that the protestant world so willingly has accepted this “child of the Papacy” and uses unscriptural arguments to defend the observance of Sunday. To exalt this day and the supposed authority of the Catholic Church is Pope Francis’ determined aim, especially as a Jesuit who has vowed his life to the reestablishment of Popery and the overthrow of Protestantism. For those looking with eager expectation for the second coming of Jesus, and studying Bible prophecies in connection with history and Bible typology, and following the current development of the very events foretold in prophecy, this revelation in the encyclical is not surprising, but is only a confirmation and an indication that the closing scenes are rapidly fulfilling.

There is but one more component in the prophecies yet to be fulfilled that will serve as a pretext to mandate by law the government policies that will restrict a person’s liberties, wherein he/she must comply with the legislation, namely enforced Sunday observance or suffer civil penalties. The catalyst that will propel the United States firstly, then the other world nations into enforcing the policies crafted by the Papacy is the intensification and increased frequency of catastrophic weather occurrences, then the recommended proposals outlined in the pope’s encyclical will become obligatory and civil penalties for violators will ensue. Such measures will be enacted to appease an “angry and vengeful” God who is punishing mankind for his abuse of “mother nature.”

“Satan puts his interpretation upon events, and they think, as he would have them, that the calamities which fill the land are a result of Sunday breaking. Thinking to appease the wrath of God these influential men make laws enforcing Sunday observance.”3

“This time is right upon us. The Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the earth. When the angel of mercy folds her wings and departs, Satan will do the evil deeds he has long wished to do. Storm and tempest, war and bloodshed,–in these things he delights, and thus he gathers in his harvest. And so completely will men be deceived by him that they will declare that these calamities are the result of the desecration of the first day of the week. From the pulpits of the popular churches will be heard the statement that the world is being punished because Sunday is not honored as it should be. And it will require no great stretch of imagination for men to believe this. They are guided by the enemy, and therefore they reach conclusions which are entirely false.”4

Many both within and without the Catholic Church are applauding Pope Francis for his stance on the environment and his compassion for humanity, especially regarding the poor and oppressed; and they are excited for the publishing of his encyclical, not fully knowing where the recommendations are tending—a restriction of civil and religious freedom. Though some of the practices advocated in the encyclical may seem beneficial for the uplifting of humanity, the children of God cannot unite with such a movement because it is connected with the Sunday agenda and will inevitably repress liberty of conscience.

“But the fact that a movement to establish error is connected with a work which is in itself good, is not an argument in favor of the error. We may disguise poison by mingling it with wholesome food, but we do not change its nature. On the contrary, it is rendered more dangerous, as it is more likely to be taken unawares. It is one of Satan’s devices to combine with falsehood just enough truth to give it plausibility. The leaders of the Sunday movement may advocate reforms which the people need, principles which are in harmony with the Bible; yet while there is with these a requirement which is contrary to God’s law, His servants cannot unite with them. Nothing can justify them in setting aside the commandments of God for the precepts of men.”5

Pope Francis is extremely calculating in his endeavors and is sending his encyclical as a forerunner to prepare the way for his visit to the United States in September where he will address a joint session of congress in Washington D.C., then attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York, and finally attend and address the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia,6 which will further strengthen and cement his agenda, all the while assuming the appearance of a humble peacemaker. Already world leaders are praising him and endorsing his policy recommendations. In response to Pope Francis’ encyclical, United Nations’ Secretary Ban Ki Moon “hails papal Encyclical spotlighting climate change as critical ‘moral issue.’”7 Additionally, United States President Barack Obama states “I welcome His Holiness Pope Francis’s encyclical, and deeply admire the Pope’s decision to make the case – clearly, powerfully, and with the full moral authority of his position – for action on global climate change… I look forward to discussing these issues with Pope Francis when he visits the White House in September. And as we prepare for global climate negotiations in Paris this December, it is my hope that all world leaders–and all God’s children–will reflect on Pope Francis’s call to come together to care for our common home.”8

Prophetic events are unfolding at lightning speed, and the Lord in His mercy and love has given us a little more time to prepare. He has granted insight to all those who will diligently search His Word, study His prophecies, allow the truth to sanctify their souls, and who love Jesus supremely and also love His appearing.

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