It’s Official: Licentiousness America’s National Religion, National Ruin To Follow

Once considered to be a Christian nation, the United States has now voted licentiousness as its national religion, its national practice. June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States voted to legalize same-sex unions after the justices ruled in a 5-4 decision. “In a historic decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that gay and lesbian couples across the country have a constitutional right to marry.”1 The very night of the ruling, the White house was lit up with the LGBT’s rainbow spectrum, which is symbolic of the further sullying of America’s principles and values. Many Americans are celebrating the decision, considering it a victory for civil rights. As one of the United States President, Barack Obama’s top priorities, he too is celebrating this decision. “President Obama delivered remarks following the decision, saying, ‘All Americans are entitled to the equal protection of the law.’ He also called it ‘a victory for America.’”2

In an act of outright defiance of God, the United States, by legalizing homosexuality, has essentially legalized atheism and has demonstrated that the Bible is not the standard of governance for this country. This nation, once the bedrock for civil and religious freedom and founded upon Biblical principles, has now taken the first of two steps to legally divorce herself from God, just as France did during the time of the French Revolution. And just as France shortly thereafter fell and was entrenched in national bloodshed and debauchery, the United States will follow in the very path. In the words of inspiration, “God will, to all intents and purposes, be made void in our land, and national apostasy will be followed by national ruin.”3 Yet, while it seems that this nation can go no further in sin, it will fully fill up the cup of her iniquity, and take the final step to completely divorce herself from God, when immorality is dethroned and the man of sin virulently returns at the enforcement of the National Sunday Law. This is the sin that calls down the most severe denunciation from God in the form of the seven last plagues, unmingled with mercy, which will devastate the nation’s infrastructure and destroy unrepentant sinners.

“When Protestant churches shall unite with the secular power to sustain a false religion, for opposing which their ancestors endured the fiercest persecution, then will the papal sabbath be enforced by the combined authority of church and state. There will be a national apostasy, which will end only in national ruin.”4

While many are celebrating this ruling in favor of legalized gay marriage as a victory for human rights, it comes at the expense of the liberties of those who oppose the LGBT lifestyle. The greater issue is not the ruling itself, but the fact that Christians will be forced to surrender their Biblical values and accept this abomination. By legalizing what society terms gay marriage, churches, schools, courts, businesses, hospitals, etc. will inevitably be forced to render the same services to gay individuals as they would to heterosexuals, regardless of their personal beliefs. The acquisition of rights for one group should never be attained by infringing upon the rights of others. Furthermore, individuals who publicly condemn the homosexual lifestyle and practices will not be able to exercise their first amendment rights which promise that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”5

Even before this landmark Supreme Court ruling, prohibitions to religious freedom, favoring the agenda of the LGBT community have already been instituted. Under the headline “Obama’s LGBT Executive Order Endangers Religious Liberty” a Fox News article states,

“President Obama signed an executive order Monday barring Federal Contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity-ignoring pleas of Christian and other faith leaders to include an exemption for religious organizations…The executive order would prevent Christian and other religious organizations with federal contracts from requiring workers to adhere to the tenets of their religious beliefs.”6

This ruling legalizing gay marriage, as did Obama’s executive order prohibiting LGBT discrimination at the workplace and other institutions, are laws that infringe upon the rights of those who oppose the LGBT lifestyle and hold the Biblical conviction that homosexuality is an abomination to God and constitutes the most vile form of profligacy.

God’s people who take the Bible as their standard of faith and practice, who do not adhere to the LGBT agenda will be placed in positions wherein they find it difficult to speak openly about the Bible’s stance upon the abomination of homosexuality. Especially those who are connected with the government at any level and receive government benefits (tax-exempt statuses, grants, etc.) will, if called upon, have to perform duties that go against their consciences, or face being released from their government positions and privileges, not to mention the public scrutiny and censure that will be heaped upon them. Presently, some may be skeptical that this will ever become a reality, but this has been prophesied, and will surely come to pass.

The Seventh-Day Adventist denomination at this juncture, while the court order affirming the “constitutionality” of gay marriage is fresh, must take a decided stand as to whether or not it will retain its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and remain a “state entity” or not; and if all government relationships are not severed, it will have to acknowledge and service open homosexuals or face the repercussions, which quite possibly could be losing that status which they were so unwilling to surrender. Mark Oppenheimer, a writer for Time Magazine, wrote a column entitled “Now’s the Time to End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions,” offering the solution to religious institutions who oppose same-sex unions. “Rather than try to rescue tax-exempt status for organizations that dissent from settled public policy on matters of race or sexuality, we need to take a more radical step. It’s time to abolish, or greatly diminish, their tax-exempt statuses.”7

Already there is a firestorm within the Seventh-Day Adventist denomination ignited by members of the LGBT community clamoring for their “rights” to hold offices, membership and to be recognized. The Netherlands conference has already responded to the cries of this community by declaring and pledging that their churches will be safe havens for members of the LGBT community. “The Netherlands Union Conference had advised all churches in the Netherlands to ‘fully commit themselves to ensuring that LGBTI individuals feel safe in the church.’ In addition, NUC leadership says it would ‘strongly advise against any steps to revoke the membership of LGBTI people, given the unsafe environment this would create in churches.’”8 With the legalization of gay marriage nationwide, if a homosexual couple desires to be married by a Seventh-Day Adventist minister, or a homosexual person wishes to serve as an officer within the local church, if that minister refuses, he could face termination, not to mention the other legal ramifications.

It is clear that the constitutional rights of those who dare oppose the laws of the land regarding the LGBT community are not only endangered but completely denied, placing true Seventh-Day Adventists in a position to be verbally and even emotionally persecuted. Even non-Seventh-Day Adventists can see where this law is tending; but oh how sad that many Seventh-Day Adventists show unconcern and are even viewing this ruling as a victory ensuring liberty for all Americans. Rob Dreher, in Time Magazine, under the headline: “Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn to Live as Exiles in Our Own Country” writes,

“It is now clear that for this Court, extremism in the pursuit of the Sexual Revolution’s goals is no vice. True, the majority opinion nodded and smiled in the direction of the First Amendment, in an attempt to calm the fears of those worried about religious liberty. But when a Supreme Court majority is willing to invent rights out of nothing, it is impossible to have faith that the First Amendment will offer any but the barest protection to religious dissenters from gay rights orthodoxy.”9

Yet, however severe the restriction of liberty and horrible the persecution of those who oppose same-sex unions will be, an even greater persecution and denial of freedom will be the lot for God’s commandment-keeping people when the tables are turned and the “moral” voices rise up to contend for their God-given rights for freedom, and demand legalized morality to reverse the immorality. The legalized morality that religionists—apostate Protestants united with Papists—will rally for and demand will be a mandatory law enforcing Sunday observance. Regarded as a moral authority and the universal voice of peace, Pope Francis has stated that in order to preserve the family, Sunday must be reverenced by all and because immorality has been legalized, Sunday observance must be legalized to reverse it. According to The Catholic Sun, “Sunday must be a day of rest for everyone, so people can be free to be with their families and with God, the pope said.”10 Pope Francis also recently “lamented the abandoning of the traditionally Christian practice of not working on Sundays, saying it has a negative impact on families and friendships.”11

As the element of global warming is thrown in the mix, and the calamities steadily increase and intensify, this National Sunday Law, passed first in the United States, will, with overwhelming support, be passed worldwide. “As America, the land of religious liberty, shall unite with the papacy in forcing the conscience and compelling men to honor the false sabbath, the people of every country on the globe will be led to follow her example.”12 See also Revelation 13:11, 12, and 15.

The restriction of religious freedom experienced by God’s Commandment-keeping people under the control of the LGBT-controlled government, will pale in comparison to the restriction of religious liberty and the subsequent persecution that will come for the violation of the Sunday-Sabbath under a Jesuit-controlled government. Many proponents of the Sunday movement will declare that the nation is suffering morally, financially and otherwise because of the prevailing atheism and immorality, and will assert that in order to appease God’s wrath, the nation must return to God, and what they consider to be His principles, which are in verity, the principles of the man of sin himself. They will then propose a mandatory National Sunday Law, just as Arizona Senator, Sylvia Allen suggested in March of 2015. In her own words, “‘It is the soul that is corrupt and how we get back to a moral rebirth in this country, I don’t know,’ Allen told the state’s appropriations committee on Tuesday…We are slowly eroding religion at every opportunity that we have. We should probably be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth,’ Allen added.”13

The common people who are tired of the increase in violence and natural disasters will petition their government- leaders and even run for political offices themselves in order to reverse the legalized immorality by legalizing moral and religious principles, and then the nation will fully disconnect herself from God. Those who hold to the seventh-day Sabbath will be labeled as defiant against the laws of the land and what they call the Sabbath (Sunday) ,and they will be targeted and searched out as enemies of law and order and the cause for the natural disasters taking place in the world. Miracles, signs, and lying wonders will also be used to strengthen the arguments in favor of and used by Sunday proponents against true Sabbath-keepers.

“Those who honor the Bible Sabbath will be denounced as enemies of law and order, as breaking down the moral restraints of society, causing anarchy and corruption, and calling down the judgments of God upon the earth. Their conscientious scruples will be pronounced obstinacy, stubbornness, and contempt of authority. They will be accused of disaffection toward the government. Ministers who deny the obligation of the divine law will present from the pulpit the duty of yielding obedience to the civil authorities as ordained of God. In legislative halls and courts of justice, commandment keepers will be misrepresented and condemned. A false coloring will be given to their words; the worst construction will be put upon their motives.”14

As Bible studying and believing Seventh-Day Adventists, this ruling sanctioning gay marriage did not come as a surprise, as Bible prophecy, Bible typology, and history has foretold it; therefore it cannot be doubted that the counter-revival of Popery along with apostate Protestantism will come to pass, and in a short time.

The unfortunate reality for those who have inside information (or at least access to it), concerning the current developments, through the inspired lenses of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, are likely to be awakened and aroused today, but as time goes on, they very well may drift into an even deeper slumber than before, and begin to scoff at the prophecies and doubt that such a secularized government and nation as a whole could ever enforce Sunday as a sacred day to be honored. Such individuals will join the ranks of those who cast contempt upon Ellen White as a false prophet and subject the writings of the Bible to higher criticism and put their own interpretation on prophecies.

Just as the legalization of gay marriage is nothing more than legalized atheism and forcing people to accept it against their consciences, so is the enforcement of Sunday observance. By enacting a man-made institution and forcing men to observe it, and substituting the traditions of men above those of God, individuals are making the Catholic Church and her false commandments the standard of morality and righteousness and are completely casting aside God’s word. Satan uses whatever vehicle can best accomplish his purpose in making war upon God, His government, His laws, and His people. When immorality has accomplished its purpose, Satan will then use his chief instrument, the Papacy; and by exploiting men’s ignorance and fears, he will set himself up as God to receive worship and plunge this nation into even deeper ruin. Are you prepared fro what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise?

“Every century of profligacy has treasured up wrath against the day of wrath; and when the time comes, and the iniquity is full, then God will do His strange work. It will be found a terrible thing to have worn out the divine patience; for the wrath of God will fall so signally and strongly that it is presented as being unmixed with mercy; and the very earth will be desolated. It is at the time of the national apostasy, when, acting on the policy of Satan, the rulers of the land will rank themselves on the side of the man of sin–it is then the measure of guilt is full; the national apostasy is the signal for national ruin.”15

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-Hilari Henriques

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The Watchman

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