Frankincense, sometimes referred to as olibanum, is an aromatic gum/sap resin obtained from an African tree. These trees grow in Oman, Yemen and the Horn of Africa, including Somalia and Ethiopia. Typically, the sap is dried and used as incense and the resin is edible and often chewed like gum. Frankincense oil has a woody, earthy, spicy, and slightly fruity aroma, which is calming and relaxing.

Frankincense has several health benefits, but today I’d like to focus on its beneficial use for brain health. Frankincense is an antidepressant, antiseptic, anticancer, anti catarrhal, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, immune booster, sedative, expectorant, and anti-infective. When many are diagnosed with brain tumors, they are often given a death sentence. The reason is because radiation which is typically used when diagnosed with cancer, is not capable of radiating through the brain and reaching the tumor when diagnosed with brain cancer. Even if radiation was proven to be able to reach and treat a brain tumor, we know from much studies that radiation destroys dna cells and would only cause the tumor to disseminate. However, God has given us a remedy for every illness and if we trust in Him and are guided to the right remedies, the Lord will bless our efforts.

Frankincense essential oil affects the glandular system which can be crucial to deep and permanent healing. What makes frankincense so powerful is its terpenes. Frankincense has a composition of 8% sesquiterpenes and 78% monoterpenes. It is the sesquiterpenes that are particularly effective in the remediation of hard-to-heal brain injuries. Therefore, they are able to penetrate deeply into brain tissues. In studies performed at Vienna and Berlin Universities, researchers discovered that sesquiterpenes, a natural compound found in frankincense, can increase levels of oxygen in the brain by up to 28 percent (Nasel, 1992).  Frankincense can significantly boost the immune system, completely destroying inflammation which is the root to all diseases. Frankincense is also effective when treating autoimmune conditions like bronchial asthma, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis and also potent as a salve used directly on your skin.   “At the university hospitals of Bochum and Giessen, patients with gliome tumors were administered somewhat higher dosages of Boswellia serrata (frankincense), 3600 mg. per day. Within only a few days, many symptoms associated with brain tumors, such as headaches and lameness, were greatly lessened.”

This powerful sap is also able to eradicate other forms of cancer as well, including breast, colon, and prostate cancers. According to researchers out of Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, the potential cancer-killing properties of frankincense are due in part to it regulating cellular epigenetic machinery, which highlights its ability to influence genes to promote healing. Baylor cancer scientists emphasize that this potency makes Boswellia (frankincense) a viable candidate for both cancer prevention and treatment. Whenever essential oils are used medicinally, it is of vital importance that they have the highest level of purity. Smell is the only sense that is directly linked to the limbic system. The limbic center is the part of the brain that controls emotional, physical, and psychological responses. Therefore, inhaling essential oils is most beneficial but frankincense can also be used at the root of the mouth, giving easy access to the brain cells.

Frankincense can also be used topically when mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut. This essential oil has been known to be the most potent when it comes to cancer. I highly recommend its use to prevent and treat diseases. But it is important to remember that great health doesn’t begin with treating illnesses, it begins with avoiding them.

“Train the people to correct habits and healthful practices, remembering that an ounce of preventive is of more value than a pound of cure.” -SM page 280

Genobia Simpson

Genobia Simpson

Genobia is a wife and mother, and her duty has always been in the kitchen. But now, as the Lord has given her a greater understanding of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, she is able to supply nutritious meals and natural remedies (when necessary) for her family. She now has a great passion to share this wonderful truth with others who may not know where to start, how to prepare simple plant-based recipes, how to avoid sickness/diseases, and how to apply natural remedies.

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